New Plan!

I’ve only been doing this whole pilates thing for about a week now, and I swear I can already tell a difference! Today, I’ve decided to do the 90 Day Challenge! I’m a little late on the start, but I’m going to do it for 90 days anyway! 🙂 This was day 1. I started with Monday since sunday was a rest day, so I’m going to do Monday’s plan again tomorrow. I’m going to try to add some jogging in a few times a week, especially on weekends and days I don’t work. Today, I just did 3 of Cassey’s POP Pilates videos(total body focus), equal to 49 minutes! I’m too sleepy to find them on youtube and link them right now. But this is the link to the 90 Day Challenge!

Cassey Ho is amazing, and I am so thankful for her Blogilates website! Check it out. I’m obsessed. It’s where the 90 Day Challenge is from.

No joke about already noticing a difference. My ams feel tighter, and my core and lower back are definitely benefitting. I have lower back issues, and at first it was kind of painful to do some of these moves, but I think my back is beginning to strengthen, because every day gets a little easier. 🙂 I can’t wait to see how my body changes in the next few weeks.

Pilates is great for strengthening back and core muscles, all muscles, really. And for posture and SO MANY THINGS. Just google it. I’ve been reading about it for an hour now and I’m so bummed that I didn’t jump on the pilates wagon much earlier!

One more thing, I’m not going to do the meal plan along with the 90 day challenge, because I need to be gluten free. I’m going to increase the amount of fish that I eat, and eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible! Also cutting out soda. This will be the hardest part for me, but I need to do it. I bet that I will lose 10 lbs just for cutting out my beloved mountain dew. I’m going to bring my water bottle with me to work everyday, and if I feel like I need caffeine, I’ll just run across the street and get some coffee or tea! But I know that by putting healthy food in my body, I’ll have more energy. When I do stick to a gluten free diet, I have SO MUCH MORE ENERGY! I feel better. I don’t have gas all day long. And the as I do have doesn’t smell near as bad. I don’t have cramps. I’m beyond ready to get out of this little rut I’ve gotten myself into over the past few weeks. The extra effort, money, and time it takes to cook good, healthy food for my body is worth it!


Day 6 :)


Day 6…posted late

Noms for the day, so far:

  • half of some left over chipotle from thursday. I woke up around noon…
  • soup! a can of soup at hand creamy chicken.
  • then, my I went to chipotle with my family. I really like chipotle, as you can see. But I could only eat about 1/4 of my bowl. I just wasn’t hungry. I also had a glass of root beer.
  • I couldn’t resist the wings, so I got boneless wings from BDubs. What else am I supposed to eat while trapped in a dorm with no dining hall and no grocery store nearby?

What I get at Chipotle:

  • bowl. brown rice. barb. green suace. corn. sour cream. cheese. lettuce. It’s delightful. And usually either water or root beer.

 Exercise for the day:

  • First I did this. Not the whole thing. I don’t have a bench, and my couch wasn’t really doing the job. Plus, I don’t have my tennis shoes here, which made some of these moves difficult.
  • I finished with this POP Pilates video:

So, all together, I worked out for about 30 minutes.

I’m also going grocery shopping tomorrow. I’m currently filling in for a co-worker a a building manager so I’ve been staying in a residence hall and I now understand why people who live in dorms gain the freshman 15. It’s easy and convienient to order in or go out. Or eat crappy vending machine snacks. There’s no oven or stove, just a microwave. But I’m going back to my house tomorrow, so I’m gonna go hardcore grocery shopping.

The beginning.

This blog is not so much for other people as it is for me. I need to keep myself accountable. And none of the ways I’ve tried in the past have worked. I’ll start working out, lose 10 pounds, then it’s finals week or something or I just get plain lazy and stop working out and stop eating right. I’m not blaming my overweightness (is that even a word?) on other things, I admit that it’s my own problem, caused by my own habits, and that I have the power to choose how to deal with it.

How am I dealing with it, you ask? Well, I should probably begin with changing my diet. I don’t mean going on a diet. I don’t believe in that. I do believe in lifestyle changes. The problem with dieting is that you have to keep dieting. You go on some fad diet for a few weeks, maybe even a couple of months, and then you realize you’ve lost the wiehgt and gotten back  in shape so you start rationalizing eating like you normally would- sans diet. Then WHOA a few weeks later and those new skinny jeans aren’t fitting so perfectly anymore.

LIFESTYLE. Take a look at the food pyramid.

I am sooooooo far from what this thing recommends right now. Sometimes I get it, and when I do eat right and follow these guidelines, or at least try to, I notice a huge difference. I have more energy. I feel better about myself in general. Did I mention I have more energy? Something about eating healthy encourages me to go to the gym, too. When eat junk, I don’t feel like going to work out. I would much rather continue to sit on the couch and watch Grey’s while eating pizza rolls.

So, change #1 is all about noms. I definitley went off the deep end during finals week and have continued my unhealthy food habits since finals week. I have a struggle with gluten, and when I do cut it out, or at least keep it to a very small minimum, my body reacts in awesome ways. I have SO MUCH ENERGY. I don’t get tired throughout the day and feel like I ned a mt. dew or coffee o get me through the day. I just feel better on the inside. I really believe that you will feel like what you put in your body. Put in crap, feel like crap. Put in the goods, feel good! For me this means more fruits and veggies. SMOOTHIES. I love to create smoothies out my my favorite juices and fruits. I also want to eat more fish and grilled chicken. Gluten free bread and turkey. I think I’m going to try to talk myself in to liking tomatoes. I need to stop drinking so much mt. dew. I need to begin using coupons because eating healthy and being a college student are two things that seldom go well together, and for me it’s mostly because my bank account can’t handle the good-for-you food. So, I resort to cheap microwave dinners, pizza rolls, eating out everyday, etc.

I’m not going to keep track of everything I eat all the time. I’m going to give it a try for a the rest of break, but once winter quarter starts, I just won’t have time.


This is my favorite part. I love working out. I love it! I just need to get off my butt and do it more often. I am going to get back into running. I’m not a runner AT ALL, but it’s the best cardio there is. I’m going to start with 2 miles. I can do one, so why not push myself? M goal is to run at least 2 miles at least 4 times a week.

My new thing is pilates! POP pliates, to be exact. I have always been interested in pilates, but I’ve just never actually tired it. I did one 30 minute video, and I was hooked. That was about 5 days ago, when I decided to just do it (shout out to nike). I has more sore than I had been in a long time, and that’s when I knew this was going to change my life. I took 2 days of because I was really sore, like, reeeally sore. Yesterday I did the 20/20 workout.  Youtube it! And today I did one cardio pilates video and one dance cardio video. I’m confined to a residence hall at the moment, filling in for my co-worker while he visits family, so I’m doing what I can here with no equipment! The 20/20 workout is boss. I’m going to start doing it once a day to tone my muscles and get my heart pumping!


I have fat. I am not fat, there’s more to me that the fat on my body and it does not define me, but I cannot deny the fact that it’s there and I have it. The goal here is to get rid of it. More importantly, God gave me this body and t’s the only one I have until Jesus comes back. Worship isn’t just something you do on Sunday mornings, it’s a way to live. I can worship god with respecting my body and recognizing that he made me. He wove me together. Psalm 139. Part of loving yourself is loving your body by putting good things into it and exercising it so that it can do all of the things it was made to do. And, most of my family is overweight. My dad is diabetic. There’s a history of cancer and other various health problems in my family, and I am terrified that if I don’t make changes now, I will be paying for it later. I’m tired of feeling fat sometimes. I generally am a very confident person. And you could ask any of my friends and they would probably have no idea that my weight is a struggle for me. One time I told my best friend how much I weighed, and she didn’t believe me. Over the years I’ve learned to hide it well, and yes, a lot of it is muscle. I lifted weights regularly for 3 years for volleyball and softball, and when I do go tot he gym I definitely like to try to go to the weight room. However, the more I let myself go, the more I notice that muscle slowly turning into fat, and quite frankly it’s gross. I need to stop hiding and start making changes. I’m hoping to start a revolution in my family, but we’ll see how that goes.


Height: 5’10”

Weight: 198.2 pounds

Goal: 160 pounds

Starting point photos

…..working on it.