Day 6 :)

Day 6…posted late

Noms for the day, so far:

  • half of some left over chipotle from thursday. I woke up around noon…
  • soup! a can of soup at hand creamy chicken.
  • then, my I went to chipotle with my family. I really like chipotle, as you can see. But I could only eat about 1/4 of my bowl. I just wasn’t hungry. I also had a glass of root beer.
  • I couldn’t resist the wings, so I got boneless wings from BDubs. What else am I supposed to eat while trapped in a dorm with no dining hall and no grocery store nearby?

What I get at Chipotle:

  • bowl. brown rice. barb. green suace. corn. sour cream. cheese. lettuce. It’s delightful. And usually either water or root beer.

 Exercise for the day:

  • First I did this. Not the whole thing. I don’t have a bench, and my couch wasn’t really doing the job. Plus, I don’t have my tennis shoes here, which made some of these moves difficult.
  • I finished with this POP Pilates video:

So, all together, I worked out for about 30 minutes.

I’m also going grocery shopping tomorrow. I’m currently filling in for a co-worker a a building manager so I’ve been staying in a residence hall and I now understand why people who live in dorms gain the freshman 15. It’s easy and convienient to order in or go out. Or eat crappy vending machine snacks. There’s no oven or stove, just a microwave. But I’m going back to my house tomorrow, so I’m gonna go hardcore grocery shopping.


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